Talk to Our Experts


Talk to Our Experts


contact Dick Serrano

Dick Serrano
Executive Vice President
877.482.0101 x150
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contact Ksenia Sirotinskaia

Ksenia Sirotinskaia
Vice President of Operations
877.482.0101 x326
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contact Joe Polito

Joe Polito
Insides Sales Representative
877.482.0101 x236
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contact Loretta Gorski

Loretta Gorski
Insides Sales Representative
877.482.0101 x335
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contact Steve Passariello

Steve Passariello
Insides Sales Representative
877.482.0101 x235
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contact Darrel Vargas

Darrel Vargas
Customer Service Specialist
877.482.0101 x125
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contact Omayra Genest

Omayra Genest
Customer Service Specialist
877.482.0101 x585
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contact Glenna Terwilliger

Glenna Terwilliger
Senior Operations Associate
877.482.0101 x320
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contact Michael Arnet

Michael Arnet
Collections Representative
877.482.0101 x208
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contact Saketh Sanganabatla

Saketh Sanganabatla
Sr. Web Application Developer
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