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Background101 has been a leading provider of background screening information for more than 15 years. Our Web-based solution is a powerful tool that enables and supports background check verification, application management and human resources collaboration processes. Our FCRA-certified screening professionals provide information that is legal, current and accurate. The automated Background101 system helps you know before you hire – all while saving you valuable time and money.

Employee Screening – Why?

Conducting background screening on employees has become a matter of necessity for employers for several reasons. Many applicants make false claims on their job applications/resumes or have been involved in criminal activity which they may not disclose. If you want to ensure a safer workerplace and avoid negligent hiring lawsuits, the amount you would pay to pre-screen your applicants is very small compared to the legal fees you have have to pay later.

Avoid Surprises

Performing regular re-screening of your employees is key to the protection of your business. An individual’s personal situation can change at any time. By putting a
re-screening program in place you will minimize risk and consistently monitor changes at all levels.

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