New Employees

New Employees

background checks, employment screeningsBackground101 is a trusted provider of reliable background screening and drug testing.  We work with businesses of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies, providing employment screening solutions and services.

Background101 understands employment screening services are essential in helping you alleviate employee risk as part of the recruitment process. Our experienced team can work with you to recommend the right package to help you make informed decisions about who you are hiring.

A pre-employment background check can help you better ensure the person you’re hiring is who they claim to be, ensure they do not have a criminal record that would disqualify them from being hired and has a work history with which you are satisfied with.

Whether you are a small, medium, large or global corporation we have all the necessary screening solutions and services for you.

Small Businesses

  • 100 or fewer employees
  • The need to perform criminal records checks very quickly
  • Flexibility to order basic individual services like driving records checks
  • Affordable for any budget

Medium Businesses

  • Reduces time-to-hire through process automation and fast results
  • Maximizes effectiveness with easy-to-understand reports that are accurate and thorough
  • Helps you determine the best candidate sources and measure process improvements
  • Helps you to ensure compliance, safety and security in the workplace

Large Businesses

  • Expedite the verification process and deliver an improved candidate experience
  • Improves program effectiveness with a unified screening solution that facilitates effective management
  • Reduces operational costs by streamlining workflows, facilitating accurate orders and saving time
  • Mitigates risk by allowing organizations to protect themselves against negligent hiring and retention lawsuits
  • Automated tools support compliance with legislation
  • Helps organizations keeps their workplace safe, protects their reputations and reduce theft and fraud

Global Corporations

  • Web-based order interface
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integration
  • Consolidated user-friendly reports
  • Worldwide research network
  • International Verifications

Why Use Background101?

  • Cutting-Edge technology and user friendly web-based system.
  • Customizable packages and results delivered to your specifications.
  • No contracts. No set-up fees. No minimum orders.
  • FCRA certified screeners ensure compliance and accuracy.
  • ATS Integration
  • Best-in-Class Customer Support