International Screening

International Screening

international screening

Utilizing our vast international network of highly trained researchers from over 200 countries we provide international verification services from schools, businesses and criminal sources worldwide.  Background101 provides a detailed list of the countries we cover as well as the average turnaround time for each of those countries. Standards in other countries can vary greatly from that of the U.S.

International Employment Verifications

Background101 utilizes local verification specialists located throughout the globe to verify previous employment history supplied by your applicant.  Our research professionals will verify your candidate’s previous or current employment, inclusive of employment dates and position.  Per the employer’s policy, reason for leaving and rehire status may also be included. Because our researchers are native and fluent in the language of the country they are contacting, we provide international employment verifications accurately and quickly with the best international turnaround times in the industry.

International Education Verifications

We utilize experienced, in-county verification specialists to confirm degrees, diplomas, certificates, and dates attended from universities, colleges, trade/vocational schools, and/or high schools throughout the globe.  If your candidate did not graduate, our researches will attempt to verify their dates of enrollment and their major course(s) of study.

International Criminal Checks

International Criminal Records searches are available from over 200 countries. Searches for criminal records are comparable to U.S. felonies, as well lesser violations when available.  Examples of available searches include but are not limited to: India, Russia, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Sweden, Singapore, and China.

International Credit Reports

Background101 can provide credit reports from various countries across the globe.  Available counties include but not limited to; Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Why use Background101?

  • Cutting-Edge technology and user friendly web-based system.
  • Customizable packages and results delivered to your specifications.
  • No contracts. No set-up fees. No minimum orders.
  • FCRA certified screeners ensure compliance and accuracy.
  • ATS Integration
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