New Hires

Small, Medium, Large Businesses and Global Corporations

new hire background checks
Background101 is a trusted provider of reliable background screening and drug testing.
We work with businesses of all sizes including Fortune 500 companies providing employment screening solutions and services.’

Small Businesses

  • 100 or fewer employees
  • The need to perform criminal records checks very quickly
  • The desired flexibility to order basic individual services like driving records checks
  • A need to order background checks today

Medium Businesses

  • Reduces time-to-hire through process automation and fast results
  • Creates a supportive candidate experience using personalized web-based portals
  • Maximizes effectiveness with easy-to-understand reports that are accurate and thorough
  • Helps you determine the best candidate sources and measure process improvements
  • Helps you to ensure compliance, safety and security in the workplace

Large Businesses

  • Expedite the verification process and deliver an improved candidate experience
  • Improves program effectiveness with a unified screening solution that facilitates effective management
  • Reduces operational costs by streamlining workflows, facilitating accurate orders and saving time
  • Mitigates risk by allowing organizations to protect themselves against negligent hiring and retention lawsuits
  • Automated tools support compliance with legislation, support privacy protection and facilitating periodic audits
  • Helps organizations keeps their workplace safe, protects their reputations and reduce theft and fraud

Global Corporations

  • Web-based order interface
  • Consolidated user-friendly reports
  • Worldwide research network
  • International Verifications