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Our diverse offerings come from continuous innovation, customer feedback and a drive to offer the industry’s best employment screening solutions. Check out  Background101’s Employment Screening Products.

Our Products include:

Address History
Searching for a candidate’s address history is important to completing a comprehensive background screening. Background101 will pull all previous addresses, which can include up to a 20-year address history. We can discover discrepancies between the applicant’s stated job history and their address history. Once the addresses are identified, Background101 can run criminal records in all states the candidates have lived, as well as searching county and federal records.

SSN Verification
SSN Verification searches the Social Security Administration (SSA) database to identify any discrepancies that may exist in association with the SSN provided. Validation of a SSN enables employers to identify whether a Social Security Number exists and if the SSN is still valid. The year and state of issuance are also identified and reported by this search. Additionally, it can determine if the SSN has been stolen or falsified.

Employment Verification – U.S. or Internationally (10 year maximum)
One of the most commonly falsified pieces of information is an applicant’s employment history. Background101’s Employment History Verification product eliminates this time-consuming aspect of an HR professional’s job. Background101 goes directly to past employers to recover applicable information. Background101 will verify dates of employment and the official position held.

Education Verification – U.S. or Internationally
Education history is another area that is commonly falsified on resumes and job applications. Background101 Education Verification assists HR professionals in making the correct placement decisions based on educational history. Background101 will verify all levels of education, will verify that the degree was received and will confirm the date it was awarded.

National Criminal Database
The first step in running a criminal record search is to conduct a Nationwide Criminal Database Scan. Background101 accesses various databases that contain millions of criminal records. Conducting a National Scan will allow us to locate potential crimes in other states where the candidate did not live or work previously. This includes county courts, sex offender registries, Department of Corrections, and Departments of Public Safety. Any potential records found are confirmed using real-time court level searches.

Motor Vehicle Driving Records
A Motor Vehicle Record Check is the ideal way to identify prospective employees with unsafe driving records. In some states, convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs cannot be found on the criminal court record and can only be revealed with a MVR driver abstract. Background101 offers residential and commercial Motor Vehicle Records for all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Information reported varies by state, but can include driving history information such as license suspensions, revocations, accidents, traffic violations, and unpaid or unanswered summons.

Civil Record Search (7-10 years – based on state laws)
Civil Court Record Searches help your company identify an applicant who may have a past civil record. Many Court Record Searches are performed at the county level in areas where the applicant has been known to reside. By searching Civil Records, an employer can uncover law suits, paternity suits, domestic disputes, divorce, and/or restraining orders.

Bankruptcy Check
A Bankruptcy Check allows employers obtain case and docket information from federal appellate, district and bankruptcy courts. Background101 utilizes a national index for U.S. District, Bankruptcy, and Appellate courts. We can provide information such as the type of bankruptcy (Chapter 7 and/or 11), case or file number, date filed, discharge data and attorney.

Criminal Record Checks
County Criminal History Search
The County Criminal History Search is a live search of real-time county or state criminal records based on the applicant’s address history. Clients can choose to search the current county of residence, or can optionally search jurisdictions dating back a specified number of years (dependent on state law). County Criminal History Searches reveal all felonies, misdemeanors, and violations (where available) reported at the highest court in the county (i.e. Superior, County and/or Municipal).

Federal Criminal History Search
The Federal Criminal History Search is a live search of United States Federal Court records. This search uncovers criminal court information from the 94 U.S. federal district courthouses, nationwide. Searches include crimes involving violations of federal law (i.e. money laundering, counterfeiting, racketeering, crimes committed across state lines, etc). Federal Criminal History Searches are conducted at all U.S. District Courts in the applicant’s current state of residence, and can optionally include all U.S. District Courts dating back a specified number of years (dependent on state law).

Statewide History Search
A Statewide Criminal History Search will return information for all counties in a given state. While all counties report to the state level, there can be instances where a conviction has been recorded at the county level. It may take some time to have the record updated at the state level. The determination of when to conduct a statewide search is dictated by each customer. Unfortunately, statewide information is not available in every state. In those instances, you must decide to conduct either a county or multi-county criminal history search.

Sex Offender Registry
The Sex Offender Registry Search is a search against state and federal sex offender registries. Reported information includes full name of the offender, classification of the offense and the offender’s last known address. This search will also provide photos of the offender when available.

OFAC – Office of Foreign Asset Control
Part of the U.S. Department of Treasury, OFAC is responsible for administering and enforcing economic and trade sanctions against certain nations, entities and individuals. OFAC maintains a listing of these restricted counter parties in a document called the “Specially Designated Nationals List” (SDN). All businesses, both large and small, need to make an effort to ensure that they are not doing business with restricted individuals or entities.

Credit Reports
Searching a candidate’s credit history will assist in identifying applicants who may not show responsibility or may potentially be inclined to mismanagement of company funds. A credit report can identify if an applicant has any open loans or inquiries made by third parties. This search may help assess risk factors that may include liens, judgments, collection accounts, current or previous delinquent accounts, types of credit, total indebtedness, and accounts charged off or repossessed.

Professional License Verification
Based on the information provided, we contact the appropriate licensing agencies and verify the type of certification and date of issuance and, if applicable, expiration, as well as any comments, honors, or actions related to the certification.

Drug Testing
Background101 has partnered with a respectable 3rd party provider of drug screening. This allows us to offer our clients completely customizable drug testing programs.

FINRA Public Records
Beginning July 1, 2015, FINRA’s new background check requirements for registration applicants became effective. Amongst the new guidelines, registered firms will now have to include, at minimum, a national public record search to complete the verification of information provided on Form U4. Trust Background101 to conduct your FINRA checks and ensure all information returned is verified at the source. Searches include bankruptcies, liens, judgments, criminal records and more.

I9 Verification
In the United States, as part of on-boarding a new employee, you must ensure that all the required paperwork is properly completed and submitted. In addition to the various taxes, insurance and internal set-up forms, a crucial part of this early workload is the employee’s employment eligibility verification. Background101 is an approved E-Verify Employer agent and can conduct all I-9 Verifications for your organization.

Contains a search of the Office of Inspector General (OIG) and General Services Administration (GSA) for any person or companies barred from participating in any federally-funded healthcare programs or any person barred from participation in any federal contacts.